Our campaign – archive as at August 2018

Please note this page is not being updated from August 2018 and may contain inaccurate information.  Find our current website at tlchub.org.uk

We’ve agreed in principle with Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council to undertake the asset transfer of Todmorden Community College to Todmorden Learning Centre (TLC) and Community Hub. So we’re meeting with Council representatives to agree on the lease arrangements. We are currently working on a ‘joint heads of terms agreement’.  This will determine the date of transfer and the date at which TLC will be up and running – our target is some point between the earliest possible, September 2018, and the early months of 2019. We’ll keep everybody up to date on the expected opening date.

In the meantime, Todmorden Community College is open and will continue to deliver all its existing services both now and into the future, as part of TLC.

There’s an office for TLC that is open Monday – Friday 9.00 – 12.00 so feel free to drop in to find out more about our current plans and make your suggestions for how you want TLC to evolve, and how to become a member. We are also holding a series of open days for potential tenants, hirers and others wishing to support us or make use of the college to view the premises. We are currently gathering information on the requirements of all those interested in making use of the college in its new guise as TLC. If you are interested in any of these capacities please let us know your requirements. No decisions have yet been made on the new future occupation.

We’ll have a brand new website up-and-running in the next few weeks, which will provide a lot more information on our plans for the future.  Much of this site is now out-of-date and will form an archive of the campaign on the new site.


Thanks to all those who supported our campaign.  You can still send us an expression of interest to savetodcollege@gmail.com outlining:

  • Who you are
  • What you’d like – community/business or education space.
  • How often; occasional, weekly, monthly, exclusive
  • What size space? Approx or sqm is fine.

Thanks for coming to our presentations, Open Day, answering surveys.  The support has been great!  Our vision is below:

Hear campaigner Emma Leeming on Hebden Radio talking about the campaign.

Our vision is to make Todmorden Community College into a member owned, sustainable hub; a multi-functional space for the purposes of education, business and the community with a USP that makes Todmorden unique in the UK, building on Incredible Edible with cutting edge courses on both natural building and Agro ecology with a research project funded by the Northern 8 Group of Universities, giving Todmorden and TLC a truly environmental purpose and vision.

TLC has a four-fold purpose; to encourage business enterprise, personal development and community engagement, in so doing enhancing the wellbeing and employment choices of its users. Central to our vision is the maintenance of the existing Children’s Centre and Youth Services in a thriving hub, whilst considering ways to support and develop their provision….

Click here to download the full summary of our proposal